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Naturist Photos

I have to say that I haven't entirely made up my mind about the necessity and effectiveness of using photos in personal-home-page naturist web sites.

For me, nudism is not so much about seeing, it's about being. The wonderful feeling of the sun and the ocean breeze unhindered by clothing is hard to capture on film. Nor do I think that it's really necessary to use a lot of photos to somehow "prove" I'm a nudist. (Actually, I don't have all that many clothes-free photos of myself or my family, in large part because bringing a camera on beach trips is more trouble than it's worth, and again, it's being, not seeing!)

When I was designing this site with all of these issues in mind, it was my hope that the picture I chose for my banner graphics would be a good compromise all around: A friendly, unashamed representation of my involvement in clothes-free recreation, but also a bit on the conservative side so as to (hopefully) not scare off any newcomers!

In the future, I do want to take some of my own pictures of Sandy Hook to use on my Favorite Beaches and Resorts page, so who knows, I might put some more clothes-free personal snapshots here later on. Meanwhile, to show that I'm not particularly opposed to naturist pictures (as long as they're "honest" nudist photos and not thinly disguised pornography), here are some links to naturist sites which I think have especially appealing photos illustrating the clothes-free philosophy in practice:

What's your opinion of nudist photographs on web sites like these? Helpful? Good idea or not? Would you like to see more photos here? Whatever your thoughts, put them in an email and let me know. Because this page is generating so many comments, I would like to quote your comments in my Guestbook area. If you prefer I not do so, please indicate in your message.
Last modified March 31, 2001.
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