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Naturist Goods and Services

Here are some products, services, and companies that may be of interest to nudists and other beachlovers, naturists and other lovers of nature and the environment. I have dealt personally with many but not all of these companies, and companies do change from time to time for better and worse. So don't hold me responsible if you have a problem with Company X! Caveat emptor, and use caution and common sense when shopping online as you would always.

In a few cases, if you make an online purchase after directly linking to a company from my site, I get a small referral fee which helps support my time and effort in creating and maintaining these pages. I choose such affiliate companies carefully, and I use and recommend their products myself. I would appreciate any comments you may have, positive or negative, on the products and companies listed here. Please also send your suggestions for superior beach and naturist products that you would like to see listed here.

You may also want to check out my Nudist/naturist Bookstore page. I hope you enjoy your visit! --JMF

Beach Gear

[Roleez Photo] Roleez makes those great beach carts that you've probably seen with the fat balloon tires designed especially for sand. A little expensive, but worth it -- your shoulders and back will thank you the next time you and your gear visit that remote beach! Check out the "carteez" (pictured at left) and the "sporteez", a smaller folding carrier just right for your cooler.

Beach Carts USA sells the Carteez and Sporteez with beach delivery to Sandy Hook, or you can call Roleez's 800 number and ask for a dealer in your area.
[AANR Tote Bag Photo] Beach towels, T-shirts, wrist wallets, tote bags and more from AANR, some with their logo, some with general naturist slogans and graphics.
[SFFB Beach Mall Logo] SFFB (South Florida Free Beaches) has an online Beach Mall with more nice towels and T-shirts, including "I got my all-over at Haulover".
[Dancing Bears Flag] Windscreens by the sea creates custom windscreens, with beach delivery to Sandy Hook!

Look for their flag ("Dancing Bears" pictured at left) the next time you visit Gunnison Beach.

Tan-thru Swimsuits

Banner 10000014 Lifestyles Direct has swimsuits made of special tan-thru fabric, to help avoid tan lines when you visit those inferior textile beaches! Click here for a detailed review.

Body, Mind, and Planet - good for you and your planet (120x95 banner) GreenMarketplace offers natural and environment-friendly household products (including cleaners), citronella-based insect repellent for people and pets, clothing, organic foods (including coffee!), pet care items, body maintenance and health products.
worldbest120x60SmallFlower has gifts, body care lotions, herbal teas, and other fine healthy products.
Stressless Logo Relaxation tapes, aromatherapy, massage lotions, ergonomic furniture, you name it, if it's stress-reducing, StressLess has it.

Clothes-Free Travel

[Nude couple on beach, cruise ship in the distance]Bare Necessities Tour & Travel is one of the few companies offering clothing-optional charter cruises on major lines, both tall ships and cruise vessels such as the Tropicale, and also handles major clothing-optional resorts such as Club Orient. Very nice web site!
[Beach chair and umbrella, blue sea]Through Our Eyes Travel specializes in excursions to the Naturist Quarter of Cap d'Agde, France (also known as "The Naked City"), an entire clothing-optional resort town. They also offer package deals which include visits to Paris or other cities, and/or days at Cypress Cove, a clothing-optional resort located in Through Our Eyes' home city of Kissimmee, FL.
[Castaways Travel Logo]Castaways Travel also handles both clothing-optional cruises and resorts.
[A Bare Affair Logo]A Bare Affair concentrates on couples vacations at resorts such as Hedonism II and Grand Lido Braco.

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