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Welcome to JMF's Nudist/Naturist Pages

Welcome to this new area of my main web site, with information on nudism and clothing-optional recreation. Please take a moment if you wish to sign my guestbook. I hope that you find your visit useful and enjoyable!
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  • If you aren't sure what nudism really is, or are wondering what this whole clothing-optional business is about, you might want to start with my Intro to Nudism.
  • For trip reports and directions to some clothing-optional beaches and resorts my family and I have visited (or would like to visit!) please check out my Favorite Spots.
  • If you're in the market to replace that threadbare towel, or are wondering where you can buy a Roleez beach cart, try my Naturist Goods and Services, or for books on nudism, my Naturist Reading Room and Bookstore.

What's New

Updated November 11, 2002

Am in the process of moving from the old Nudism WebRing to a new Naturism & Nudism ring started by Dennis Kirkpatrick. Maintenance of the old Nudism WebRing had been allowed to lapse, and a number of inappropriate sites which have nothing to do with nudism have since joined while the door was left unguarded. Thanks Dennis for working to clean up this situation, and let's all enjoy the new Ring.

Updated March 20, 2002

It has been the year from heck for me schedule-wise, so far less frequent updates of late. I am working slowly on updating dead links and updating the news articles and guestbook. For starters, though, I have posted new 2002 parking pass and fee information on my Gunnison Beach page.

Updated May 25, 2001

My site is now listed as a nudism resource on The Open Directory Project ( (and the many web directory sites that use the DMOZ information as a basis for their own listings)! Based on the web traffic statistics for my site, it looks like the listing went up on DMOZ about May 3rd.

Updated May 23, 2001

Updated May 15, 2001

300,000 hits and counting!

Updated May 14, 2001

The domain name (a nudist search engine) seems to be defunct; it now redirects you to, which appears to be a pay-for-photos site. I have removed my front-page banner link to nudistsun.

Updated April 24, 2001

Updated April 23, 2001

Adjusted my Gunnison Beach pages to reflect this year's dates and fees:

Updated March 31, 2001

Updated March 27, 2001

Updated January 20, 2001

Updated January 3, 2001

Many enhancements to my Naturist Bookstore:

Updated December 29, 2000

My site is now listed with Yahoo!

Updated December 23, 2000

Fixed a very prominently-placed broken link on my main welcome page (arrgghh!)

Updated December 14, 2000

Our campus Internet link has gotten a speed boost, which should further improve access to all of our web servers.

Updated December 8, 2000

My site is now listed with Networld! To vote for my site as a candidate for Networld's Top 50, click here.

Updated November 26, 2000

New link to "The Body Objective", see my links page under Special Topics: Women in Nudism.

Updated November 24, 2000

Posted a number of new entries to the Guestbook.

Updated November 20, 2000

We have updated our campus mail server and made some adjustments to our Internet gateway that should improve access and page loading speed. Also, I have been absolutely "crazy busy" for about three months straight, and am just now catching up on my link and guestbook updates. Over thirty news articles and other links newly added! I hope to finish updating the guestbook later this week.

Updated October 29, 2000

100,000 hits and counting!

Updated August 15, 2000

Found (and added) links to a number of articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the controversy over nudity at Mazo (Mazomanie) Beach. (Once you go to my Links page, try doing a Find on the page for "Milwaukee".)

Updated August 3, 2000

A few new news articles, including three audio interviews (RealAudio format) from National Public Radio's The Savvy Traveler. (Once you go to my Links page, try doing a Find on the page for "NPR" or "Savvy".)

Updated July 28, 2000

This site passed the 30,000 hit mark today, thanks everyone for visiting!

Updated July 26, 2000

Several new news articles, and David M. Blood's Christian Nudist essay "The Problem of Fig Leaves" added to Links page.

Updated July 21, 2000

New in the Bookstore:

Updated July 17, 2000

Posted two trip reports to Coventry Club and Resort, Milton, VT (their Open House on April 30, 2000, and a three-day visit with my family, July 2-4, 2000) to my Favorite Beaches and Resorts page.

Updated June 30, 2000

Updated June 23, 2000

Additions to my Gunnison Beach page (Favorite Beaches and Resorts)

Updated June 20, 2000

GRAND OPENING June 17, 2000!
Over 5,000 hits (page loads) in the first week!

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