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Favorite Beaches and Resorts

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ

Gunnison Beach is about a two-hour drive from my home, and is where you will find my family and I most any sunny weekend, weather and schedule permitting! Gunnison Beach is an official, legal clothing-optional beach in a national park, one of the largest and best-known CO beaches in the USA, and attracts thousands of men, women and children every day each summer. I have a whole page about Gunnison with maps, directions and other information here.

Haulover Beach, North Miami Beach, FL

Haulover Beach is my winter getaway of choice when my wallet doesn't feel up to a big expensive resort or airfares to exotic locales; in fact, Haulover is located just about exactly halfway between the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale airports, so there are many flight choices available.

I haven't compiled my own information on Haulover yet, but meanwhile, here are some links to other places with Haulover info:

Coventry Club and Resort, Milton, VT

Coventry Resort in Milton, VT has been a clothing-optional venue (as the former Forest City Lodge) for many years, but has recently changed name and owners; I found out about it on AANR's "What's New" page. Coventry is located on a small lake in a rural area of Vermont only about an hour's drive (plus a short ferry ride across Lake Champlain) from my hometown of Plattsburgh, NY, so I wish them success and hope to pay them many future visits. I attended Coventry's open house on April 30, 2000, and my family and I stayed there July 2-4, 2000.

Other Places I'd Like to Visit

Here are some places I've never been to but that I think I would like to try someday. The composition of this list is so random that it in no way should be considered any sort of endorsement, but here are some of the factors that caused these entries to materialize: So, without further ado...
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